Born into so much chaos and trauma. Did I choose this body? A karmic challenge.

Substance abuse and violence permeated my childhood. Mice and cockroaches. Blood and broken glass. Handsy visitors in my sleep. Shame.

Introspection through therapy, coaching, and the 12 Steps pulled me out of my own self-destructive coping skills. Looking inward, expanding outward.

Finding my worth. Taking up space. Asking for what I want. Knowing what I deserve. Savoring myself.

Now I help women build unapologetic confidence in themselves. Loving our bodies. No self-deprecating language. Tapping into our badassery.

We are going to take over the world.

(Now you do it)



Dawn Davis

I'm a Confidence Coach, amassing an army of badass women. I talk about sex& desire, no subject is taboo. I want to help women be bold& take up space everywhere.